02 July 2010

Pretty things: MiniatureRhino

by MiniatureRhino

I adore this interesting shop which goes by the name of Miniature Rhino. They offer a wide selection of embroidery, letter writing paraphernalia, books and paper goods, vintage glass, curious objects, and photographs.

Featured pieces include custom heart sampler in cherry blossom, photo encaustic of you and me and vintage postage boyfriend set. Instead of carving your names on trees, let Jessica embroider your initials or names. Of course, there is always the classic diy message in a bottle (I just love the look of curiosity planted on the receiver's face) or if you would rather let Jessica do her magic, opt for this exclusive and unique idea of a message in a bottle letter service which comes with a letter typed using a vintage typewriter sealed with red wax and a special custom monogram stamped on the key, and shipped directly to the recipient, if you wish.

I personally feel these will make very lovely vintage gifts for memorable occasions., especially for your significant other. Très Romantic.
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