15 July 2010

Pretty things: Braggingbags

by braggingbags

For a price of USD9.99, you can have your own personalized message in the wet sand along the beautiful beaches of of Southern California. A memory that will never wash away.

I really love this romantic gift. I am sure your other half will appreciate this thoughtful gesture because you could frame it up for memories sake. If you've always wanted a woodland theme wedding, Braggingbags offers other wonderful and personalized wedding decors made lovingly from wood. I like the fact that they can come up with so many different kinds of items made from Mother Nature. It is truly enchanting... My utmost favorite item from their shop has to be this personalized wedding guest book, for sure.

This reminds me of I Love You: The Wall located in Paris, France.
'What couple has not engraved its initials in a heart pierced by an arrow on the bark of a tree?'

Another inspiring love quote from Sophia of Canada.
"I say that love is when you can engrave each other's initials in a tree, and no matter when you go back, you won't ever want to cut that tree down."
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