02 July 2010

Happy Fridays

I've decided to dedicate a weekly post specially dedicated to Fridays titled Happy Fridays. TGIF. It can be anything ranged from a tutorial to a resource post. As long as it makes you happy on Fridays :) If you're like me, I'm sure you'll know why everyone loves Fridays, because its an exciting start to the weekends! For today, I happen to chance upon this gorgeous lace cupcake wrapper liners. Pretty, isn't it?

I thought it'll be fun to share some useful links on going about to creating your own cupcakes such as the example above.

But first, you'll need to own the essential baking utensils.

Next, you'll need:
1. Lace cupcake wrapper liners
2. Basic chocolate cupcake recipe
3. Edible butterflies in green or assorted
4. Buttercream frosting recipe or in chocolate
5. How to make filled cupcakes (optional)

And of course, you can also choose to know how to make edible butterflies on your own, complete with a helpful guide on the compatible edible printers being used. More effort is needed, but I'm sure it'll pay off in the end. Also, this helpful tutorial shows you on how to make your own doily cupcake wrappers, DIY style.

Of course, you can also choose to follow this lovely recipe, along with the basic cupcake recipe and butter cream icing, sprinkled with colored sugar on top and topped with edible mini hearts, rainbow sprinkles, etc.

Follow this tutorial on making your own cupcake toppers to add them for some cuteness. Check out this awesome tutorial on making your own monogram cupcake toppers. Or this fabulous gum paste tutorial.

Or get this free printable cupcake toppers here, here, here and here and you're good to go. Add a doily underneath for that finishing touch.

For Singaporeans, you can get your baking supplies at Phoon Huat or Bake It Yourself.

Be spoiled for choice with Martha Stewart's wide range of cupcake recipes.

Well, I do hope this will inspire you to create your own beautifully crafted cupcakes :)

Have a Happy Friday, everyone!
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