28 November 2009


A huge collection this week to make up for the canceled flea market. The upcoming flea market will be on December 12 and I will be updating with more details as soon as the booth number is confirmed.

In the meantime, enjoy! :)

21 November 2009


A mini collection has been updated with five new items. I am busy preparing with the flea market, so expect more additions on the day itself. Also, I've decided to reorganize my image sections for better viewing so as to ensure faster image loading. Just click on the different categories for the latest uploads.

In the meantime, enjoy this small collection.

PS: Yes I am aware that the site jewelmepretty.com is inaccessible as of now. Do not worry, I will be fixing it soon.

20 November 2009

Site issues

Please bear with me as I am trying to fix the site issues. At the moment, the site is accessible via jewelmepretty.com but may cause some disruptions at times so please be patient while I look further into this matter. As seen, I've decided to revamp the site so that the site loading will not take much time and if you've realised the disappearance of the Twitter and Follower links, it'll be moved to the About section soon and Mailing List under Contact. In addition, I'll be holding a flea market sometime next week, probably on Thursday 26.11.09 or Saturday, 27.11.09. Timing and venue will be confirmed soon. I am sorry for any incovenience caused. Thank you.

Note: Sold items have been removed for easier viewing.
All items viewable here are available.
Don't worry, new additions will be added soon this week.

16 November 2009

Announcement of the winners!

I'm sorry this has been way too long overdue, BUT I'm going to announce the two lucky winners right now! :)

Numbers have been generated via Random.org

Congratulations to both Shuwen and Cheryl Leong!

Shuwen - Winner of Tender me blossom ring, $15
Cheryl Leong - Winner of My little rocking horse necklace, $25

Your prizes will be box wrapped and registered mailed on Saturday, 20th November 2009.

To the rest, thank you for your participation.

Don't worry, I'll be holding another giveaway next month as well, so stay tuned!

08 November 2009

Jewel Me Pretty's very first giveaway!

Tender me blossom ring, $15
My little rocking horse necklace, $25

TWO lucky winners will win each of these two prizes!
(given out randomly and chosen via Random.org)

02 November 2009


MASSIVE UPLOADS! Twenty-nine lovely trinkets for you to choose from! I've also added more gorgeous pairs of earrings ;) What's really special about this collection this time round is that I have included not one but three new Bridal theme necklaces/ring. Take your pick, I have trouble choosing my favorite out of everything but it has got to be the Catch the Bouquet ring.

As usual, click on the pretty little buttons under Navigation on top ♥
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