29 March 2012

Goodbye, my lover

First up is a DIY project which I think is simply perfect for nightlight. There's also the vintage Polaroid wedding invitations which I think is rather unique. PS: Don't you just love cotton candy floss? ;)

28 March 2012

Engagement themes


Stumbled upon these amazing engagement themed photo shoots... I also like this diy thumb print engagement invites tutorial. Effortless and personalized with your own touch.

26 March 2012

Time, as you know it

Oh my... Has it already been this long since the last update? Gosh. We are already nearing the end of March 2012. I am terribly sorry for the long disappearance. Work and school has been rather challenging for the past few months and I do feel the lack of inspiration as of late. I do hope to squeeze in some time to create new pieces or old favorites from time to time, so do watch this space for more updates. Thank you for your support for all these years, from the bottom of my heart. Stay strong and think positive as always :)

Just two new additions for now. I do have a soft spot for this dear little deer of mine. Heh.

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