30 June 2010

Lovely finds

Today, I have a selection of random assortments. There is a wonderful photograph by the window, a little hare brooch that is oh so cute, a pretty cake stand with stamped words, 'you are special' complete with hearts, gorgeous picnic plates in vintage rose, an upcycled orange clock that will brighten up any boring white walls, a vintage sweet little music box and vintage milk bottles given a burst of life again with hand crocheted doilies.

I've also came across this wonderful project over at Lonemor. The detailed knobs from Anthropologie complete the whole classy look. I've been meaning to paint my bookshelves a fresh shade of white for quite some time, and this is just so inspiring for a DIY project.

It's already the midweek here, so a beautiful Wednesday to you :)

Pretty things: SimpleThrift

Vintage treasures by Gwendolyn Little. I really really adore her vintage blush pink lace dress and that gorgeous vintage upcycled blushing rose clutch which will go very well together, don't you agree? I love anything pink, laces and bows so these two really caught my eyes. She even owns a fantastic blog so be sure to check it out as well.

29 June 2010


I've been busy.

Adding new items as much I can, aside from being distracted on the weekends since the weekends are the only time I get to indulge in some crafting goodness. So there you go. New items have been added to my Etsy shop. Please remember to heart it if you adore my pieces And don't forget to check this blog periodically since I'll be posting some lovely finds and inspiring images on a daily basis just to keep you entertained (Now, surely I am not the only one to feel annoyed by that same old thing staring back at me each time I view it in the browser? No pun intended). By the way, sharing is caring so its really nice to highlight some of the wonderful creations that I've stumbled upon on Etsy. Do support handmade goods, the appreciation given is the best gift ever to a crafter. *inserts wide smile* Thank you xx

Lovely finds

Today, I am inspired by Mother Earth. All things Nature and of course, beautiful and gentle butterflies... I really love those edible butterflies! It'll work well in any garden themed party :)

28 June 2010

Pretty things: yvetteinufio

I am so in love with her photography skills. I adore every single one of her photographs. It gives you a sort of romantic feeling. I can imagine myself listening to Kiss me by Sixpence none the richer while I admire these lovely photographs framed up on the bedroom walls. Simply gorgeous!

Lovely finds

I've decided to post inspiring pictures and lovely finds I've stumbled upon on Etsy.
Enjoy xx

White oathing stone by sjengraving

Hand Stamped Cappuccino Cups by simplyprettyprints

Vintage Silverware His and Hers forks by BeachHouseLiving

One of a kind personalized gifts! Aren't those 'dates' adorable with hearts in between? I'll love to drink tea from cups that have the words written 'Hello Love' in the morning. And these His and Hers forks are so unique; they make great couple gifts.


The Three Dimensional Victorian Doll House
Phil Wilson, Willabel L. Tong, Renee Jablow

via source

via source

When I first saw this picture, I realised I had the same doll house as pictured. I used to collect all sorts of paper dolls, and play with them. I couldn't afford a doll house back then, so I was beyond thrilled when my aunt gave this to me as a gift. The beautiful thing about this is that it can be unfolded to reveal a house. I don't play with them anymore, but they remain as precious treasures to me. I'll definitely take pictures of them one day to show you.

07 June 2010


Several new items have been added to my Etsy shop.

For your eye viewing pleasure ;)

In sequence of rows:

Reach for me, River of tears, Carousel of Love
Ups and downs, Ours, Wounded heart
On my own, Sparkle in your eyes, Feel you
Tie the Knot, Sweet promises, Mend a heart

Please heart it if you love these items!

Chase the Monday blues away, okay?

02 June 2010


In case you've not realized this but I've updated with five new items (some are relisted again) in my Etsy shop. I'll be adding more new items every week, if possible. Do watch this space for updates, if not at my Facebook fan page. I've also updated with a new banner if you ever feel like linking me up on your site (view on the left sidebar). For my local buyers, don't fret as you can still purchase my pieces as I'll be stocking in some of my pieces at "Friends" @ 44 Haji Lane soon. Expect prices to be slashed as the Great Singapore Sale is here to stay for while. Also, another giveaway is coming up soon. Watch this space for updates!

With that said, it's already the mid-week! :)
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