24 August 2010

Pretty things: Taylor House

Freezing in this cold weather?
Though it may not necessarily be winter right now,
But aren't these just too adorable to pass?

Knitted cowls.
You heard me right.
Good old, soft and comfy handmade knits made by Chaucee of Taylor House!

Whoever said knitted cowls have to be dull and boring?
Use it as a fashion accessory to spruce up any outfit!
Wear it on its own, tuck it underneath a jacket or be inspired by these looks at Chictopia.




These are machine washable, great for those lazy hands.

Be spoiled for colors!

One size fits all, so these make brilliant gifts for your loved ones.

Butter soft in gray
Two sided cowl, different patterns on each side

Wavy cowl in cream
Beautiful wavy pattern for an unique twist

Have you gotten your knitted cowls yet?
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