17 March 2010


I'm afraid this is a long-awaited much anticipated update from yours truly. I used to update weekly, but unfortunately it won't be possible now due to time constraints and 'creativity block' (I do know every jewellery designer will suffer from this so-called symptom every now and then, but in this case, I need a handful of rest). I'll still try my best to update once a month, with new trinkets coming in. (Trust me, I've got tons of ideas in mind, just that procrastination got the better of me)

To make up for it, I've uploaded about 25 pieces altogether!
Not including the ones which I'll be stocking in my shop soon (on the To do list)

As always, I'll only handpick a few of my favorites:

As usual, they can be found under the category: New arrivals

Have a lovely March! (oops, I meant an early April too)
Time does fly by very fast, doesn't it?
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